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Having served on the Idaho Falls District 91 School Board and having 5 children of my own, I know that we have some of the best possible people teaching our children and administering our schools.  Unfortunately, local control and decision making has for the most part been seized by the federal government.  We must restore local control and regain our liberty to make those choices that are best for our children.  Our teachers are the best and deserve autonomy and the ability to structure education, in conjunction with the parents, to best suit the needs of the individual child.  They also need a competitive salary and there are ways we could better fund education as a state if we could make educational choices at a local and sometimes state level. 


As an attorney who consults with individuals desiring to start a new business or even continue to run an existing business, I am often amazed at the bureaucratic red tape that an individual must go through.  An individual desiring to start a business often has to deal with seven or more governmental agencies.  Additionally, Idaho was recently ranked 19th in the nation for having a favorable business tax climate.  While an optimistic view would be to say we're better than average, our neighboring states ranked as follows: Washington, 11th, Oregon, 12th, Nevada, 3rd, Utah, 9th, Wyoming, 1st, and Montana, 6th.  I know that we have the people and the resources to do better.  To do so, we must lower taxes and create an environment that will bring new businesses to this state and enable Idahoans to create business without having to overcome so many government created obstacles. 



The right to keep and bear arms is an intrinsic right and one that is essential for a free people.  Without the right to keep and bear arms we lose the ability to defend ourselves, our families and our homes.  This right was not created by the Second Amendment. Instead, the Second Amendment was created to ensure the protection of this intrinsic right.  As a state, there are many things we Idahoans can do to protect these rights from federal intrusion and I will always fight for and defend this God given right.


Our freedom to choose how we manage our own healthcare has been and continues to be severely infringed due to increased government interference.  Not only have our choices become limited, the amount we spend on healthcare has doubled in the last ten years and insurance premiums have went up anywhere from 25% to 50%, just since the adoption of Obamacare.  Nearly 20% of the increase in cost is due to the creation of even more government administrative agencies to help manage these untenable programs.  We Idahoans deserve healthcare options and the freedom to make our own choices regarding our individual health. 


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