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I was born and raised in Eastern Idaho and graduated from Sugar-Salem High School.  I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from the University of Utah and my Juris Doctorate from Florida Coastal School of Law.


In 2002, I married my best friend, Shara, and together we have five children.  My parents instilled in me a strong sense of gratitude for this state, our community, and the people that make it great.  It is because of the people that have helped me become the person I am today, that I feel obligated and honored to give back.  For this reason, I spend the majority of my free time working with my children and other community youth in preparing them for the future. 


Over the years, I have coached thousands of our community youth in wrestling, baseball and football. I also have several years of service on the Idaho Falls District 91 school board, in the Boy Scout program and with our local YMCA. I continue to serve and mentor youth, coach youth sports, serve on a non-profit scholarship board of directors and remain busy serving others. 



I am an attorney with the local firm, Smith, Driscoll & Associates, PLLC. I  was elected and served as precinct committee officer in Bonneville County for four years.  Because of my strong belief that our children and grandchildren are the future, in 2013, I ran and was elected to the Idaho Falls School District 91 Board of Trustees. My service in that position reaffirmed my belief that this is the greatest place on earth to raise a family.  We have dedicated teachers who need our help and support in educating the next generation of leaders. 



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